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Effortless Trademark or Patent Filing & Assertive Litigation

Own the rights to your inventions, designs, and artistic creations. When you need to file for a patent or fight against copyright infringement, Greene Law Firm provides personalized services at affordable rates. Our knowledgeable staff always keeps you in the loop throughout the entire process for complete transparency.


Before you start sharing your invention or selling a new product, obtain a patent to protect your intellectual property rights and stop others from making replication. Our legal team performs a prior art search before drafting your application for patent filing.  There are many payment options available including sliding scale fees for those who qualify. After your patent is filed, if the patent office comes back with an office action there will be additional hourly fees. In addition, we have the ability to handle international patents.


Ensure your logo or design stays an original by trademarking it. We conduct a preliminary trademark search before filing the trademark application and offer a flat fee structure for filing of trademark applications.


Stop people from using your copyrighted materials with intellectual property litigation from Greene & Associates Intellectual Property Law Firm. We write cease and desist letters for artist, patent owners, and businesses dealing with infringement issues and if necessary, represent you in court. Our firm has many connections in the music business, one staff member has over 40 years of experience in this industry. We provide assistance with setting up, publishing, or forming your own small business. 

Trade Secrets

Protect your unique business processes with contract law. We make sure restaurants, manufacturers, trade companies, and others entities have their secrets kept safe. However we can currently only litigate in Texas. Our law firm offers counseling on what should be a secret and what is actually patentable, writes contract agreements, and assists with monetary remedies. We show you how to keep your trade secret, so it will stand in court.